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Busisiwe Tshwete Net Worth And Salary

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Meet 42-year-old Busisiwe Tshwete, a prominent figure in South African politics. She is a member of the African National Congress and a representative in the National Assembly.

Elected in the 2019 South African general election, Tshwete assumed a pivotal role in the National Assembly, serving on the Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development.

Tshwete’s dedication and contributions to the committee have been commendable, aligning with her political commitments and fostering significant advancements in these critical sectors.

Busisiwe Tshwete Net Worth And Salary

Aside from her political endeavors, Tshwete has ventured into businesses and made strategic investments, gradually bolstering her net worth. Currently estimated to fall within the range of $1 million to $3 million, her net worth has experienced substantial growth throughout her career trajectory.

When considering her annual earnings, Tshwete’s salary stands between R1.2 million and R1.5 million.

It’s noteworthy that this income bracket places her within the spectrum of higher-earning members of the National Assembly. As a point of reference, the base salary for an MP in the National Assembly or NCOP hovers around R1.2 million per annum, approximately equivalent to $65,000 at the time of this article’s publication.

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