Cameron Audet Death: What Happened To Cameron Audet?

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Nick Cavell, a producer for BBC Africa Sport, claims to have been at the game and that the audience did not appear to be aware of the crowding until there were reports on social media.

Social media posts feature fans pushing through checkpoints and scaling barriers while being tramped on. Some other videos show spectators trying to revive their pals.

Buster Danish journalist Emil Kirchner described seeing “a lot of disturbance” as fans pressed through one open gate to reach the stadium.

He said to the BBC: “People were rushing, climbing fences, and breaking through barricades. It was a crazy scene. A separate journalist, Leocadia Bongben, noticed a commotion coming from one of the fan zone areas outside the stadium.

On the BBC’s Newsday program, she said, “People started shouting.” “An ambulance arrived at the stadium a minute later, but when we got there, the police told us not to go near where the rush was happening.

It is quite awful when folks watch a game and then pass away there. Several of the injured were in “desperate condition,” said nurse Olinga Prudence.

Cameron Audet Death: What Happened To Cameron Audet?

In a stampede that occurred prior to an African Cup of Nations game, eight people were killed and numerous others were injured. In a crowd outside a Cameroon Africa Cup of Nations football match, 38 people were hurt and at least eight people died.

Videos showed angry crowds being crushed at Yaoundé, the nation’s capitalOlembé,’s stadium’s entrance. Thousands of supporters battled for access outside the stadium, according to witnesses who saw the chaotic events.

Seven people were seriously harmed, including two boys, ages eight and fourteen, who died. The “tragic disaster” has been the subject of an investigation ordered by Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya. A minute of silence will be observed before future matches as part of the Confederation of African Football’s (Caf) investigation and announcement that it will honor those who have passed away.

On Monday, 50,000 people tried to attend the game, according to the officials.

The stadium has a capacity of 60,000, but because of Covid restrictions, it was not meant to be more than 80% filled for the game.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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