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Camila Cabello Talks Romance, Therapy And Why She Wants To Be Like Ed Sheeran With Cosmopolitan UK

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Camila Cabello is focusing on her own life in another meeting with the Cosmopolitan UK. The Cuban-conceived American artist, 25, graces the title page of the design magazine’s August/September issue, discounted beginning July 12.

Cabello talked with Cosmo UK about her companion Ed Sheeran, sentiment, treatment, and numerous different issues

“He simply endeavors to be a craftsman, and afterward likewise carries on with his life as a typical man,” Cabello says of buddy Sheeran, making sense of that she needs to be very much like him. “He has an entire confidential life that individuals have barely any insight into, where he has a good time, spends time with his companions, has a family, eats with his loved ones.”

“I think Ed simply lives it,” she adds. “He’s barely around here attempting to play around with great individuals and make music he cherishes.

Also, that is exactly the same thing I’m attempting to do.”

“I don’t put a great deal of spotlight on it,” Cabello says of her affection life. “I very need to spend time with individuals, I need to make companions and I’ve made a ton of extraordinary companions over the course of the last year… If something occurs, then that is truly fun, yet I put no squeeze on it.”

She proceeds, “Before I used to be like, ‘Indeed, love, wow, love,’ and presently I’m simply attempting to live it up. I simply need to carry on with my life and have extraordinary companionships. On the off chance that something emerges from [them] that is another component, that is perfect.”

Cabello likewise opened about her involvement in uneasiness and looking for help. “It was something I just lived with,” she says of her nervousness.

“I was accustomed to having working tension that got downright horrendous each a portion of a year. Then, at that point, I began opening up to companions, and I understood how much misery and hypochondrias are ordinary, and that all of us are bats**t insane in our own specific manner, yet when it holds you back from having sound connections and being as a rule in a generally steady spot, that I expected to search out some treatment.”

She adds, “Discussing it truly assisted me with understanding, ‘Goodness, I think this is making my life harder than it is for others.'”

“I think imagining is a type of mental torment and brings the most tension,” she tells the magazine. “We do that such a great amount in our general public and culture. We’re continually hustling and putting on a grin when we don’t feel better.”

Cabello’s full meeting can be perused in the August/September issue of Cosmopolitan UK, on special from July 12.

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