Camillo Milli funeral, obituary, memorial service

’s death has made a lot of people sad. Most of his fans are going through tough times because of his death. Camillo was the historical film president of Longobarda. He was an Italian stage, film, and television actor. Camillo was born on August 1 1929 in Milan, Italy, and died at age 92 on 20 January 2022 in Genoa, Italy.
According to reports he died from Covid-19 complications. He started a career and worked under directors. He worked with a lot of actors in film and TV series.
News I never wanted to give, Camillo Milli has left us 😭 unforgettable president of Longobarda, Barambani in Fantozzi against everyone, Cardinal in Marchese del Grillo and many more”
“Camillo Milli, historical film president of Longobarda, has passed away at 92 years old. The one who signed Oronzo Canà and brought Aristotle to Italy! I managed to get half of Giordano, three-quarters of Platinum, plus half of Mike Bongiorno.
Have a safe trip president Borlotti R.I.P. 😭🙏

Camillo Milli’s funeral

Plans about his funeral are not out yet. The family of Milli is waiting for the coroner’s report on his death.

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May his soul rest in peace.

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