Can The Giants Cut Kenny Golladay?

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The predicament with Giants receiver Kenny Golladay might reach a boiling point shortly. The highly compensated pass catcher is anticipated to play in tonight’s game against the Cowboys in hopes of producing more than he has in the first two weeks and getting another opportunity to prove his mettle to New York’s new coaching staff.

There are possibilities if that doesn’t happen against Dallas and the narrative surrounding his playing time persists.

Among them: The Giants might sell Golladay to a club interested in him, and sources claim that the only way it would likely succeed is if New York covered the majority of his salary in exchange for a choice in the late rounds. That may happen.

According to accounts, Golladay has been excellent inside the building during today’s game. He acts morally upright and has a good reputation in the locker room. He has talked with honesty but without being ostentatious.

Last week, Golladay took part in just two plays while fourth-year receiver David Sills took part in 67. Sills gains more separation in his routes than Golladay, thus in the eyes of the coaches and decision-makers, he deserves to play more.

Can The Giants Cut Kenny Golladay?

The current state of affairs is manageable. The Giants might intervene if Golladay develops resentment or if his relationship with New York worsens. The very last option would be a release.

Yet, trade is conceivable. Simply said, the Giants would pay the majority of the contract, allowing another team to trade for a Golladay who would actually be inexpensive.


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