Canada-Based Nigerian Man Reportedly Set To Move Back To Nigeria Because Of ‘Hardship’

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A Canada-based Nigerian is set to return to back to his homeland due to economic hardship. The report was made viral by his friend in a tweet.

His friend wrote on Twitter:

“I have a friend who was earning N350K in his job here in Nigeria and he left it all to journey abroad.
Two yrs on, he keeps complaining about bitterness what a mistake that has been and how not easy life is abroad. He is planning to come back this year for good. Have a plan!”

His post sparked a lot of reactions beneath his comment box. Below were a few captured:

  • Most people are abroad because of the good living not because of money, we are literally just surviving in Nigeria not living, after he arrive back to Nigeria he will still complain about how he was living properly like human being in Canada.. Just saying respectfully
  • Going somewhere without a plan, definitely there tends to be failure. Good luck to him.
  • Nah laziness dey do him. He should sha come back, let others go. This same abroad, people go and their stories change for good. Lol
  • Except you go abroad to do yahoo you won’t make it immediately, na small small you go de climb the ladder . Patience, hard work and God is the key
  • People are abroad making it and have vowed never to return to Nigeria, if he failed that’s his own cup of Nescafé
  • This is why direction from God is very important, Nigeria might be hard but its might be a place destined for u to be successful. Once u shift from ur place of destiny its becomes too difficult to elevate, only if God decides to show mercy. Every decision u wana make seek the face of God he will guide thy path.

See the screenshot below:

Canada-Based Nigerian Man Reportedly Set To Move Back To Nigeria Because Of ‘Hardship’


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