“Can’t do this just for money” – Lizzy Gold’s movie scene causes a stirs

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Lizzy Gold, a Nollywood actress, has sparked outrage after sharing a disturbing movie scene on social media.

The mother of two was seen softly walking inside a coffin, lying down, and being closed by someone else.

She revealed the title of the film as “The Sacrifice.”

“Can’t do this just for money” – Lizzy Gold’s movie scene causes a stirs

Read netizens reactions below;

Fans and admirers of the actress voiced a variety of reactions to the video.

user43423180058117 Tina stesh wrote: “madam you no de fear coffin??”

Getrude wrote: “I can’t act on such part never”

@vee wrote: “let actors and actresses enjoy their money in peace wueeeh 😂😂.”

queen Binzy wrote: “una get mind oooo”

Queen Classy wrote: “God forbid me to act this part ahhhh😳😳😂😂😂”

phavour wrote: “Omo bae u get mind oooo mmmmmm this is not really good In the name of u are shooting a movie”

edo_baby wrote: “I’m a Nollywood actress but you see this part No😂😂”

jasmine wrote: “This is absolutely a No’ for me…see you see rubbish nightmares🙁.”
One user3793657433551 wrote: “i can’t do such just because of money.”

GoldenGold wrote: “😳😳😳hmmm I can never act this part 😂”

ÑYÅBØKÊ💝 wrote: “the comments 🥺be like I can’t do this bcos of money,hahaha my question is who dey force you to do 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”


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