Carl Wagner Illness: What Disease Does Carl Wagner Have?

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Carl R. Wagner was a prominent Democratic Party strategist, organizer, and adviser who worked for President Bill Clinton, Senators Edward Kennedy and George McGovern, and numerous other Democratic officeholders and office seekers.

Born in 1945, Wagner dedicated his career to Democratic politics and campaigns, serving as the director of political activities for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) before joining Kennedy’s team in 1978.

Wagner was known for his clear-eyed analysis, honest advice, and unflinching support in tough situations. Carl was described as someone who “played hardball” with a “devilish grin” and tended to side with the underdog.

In negotiations over whether Kennedy should address the 1980 Democratic National Convention, Wagner once suggested that 5,000 Kennedy partisans could be armed with handheld signs.

Wagner passed away on June 23, 2017, at the age of 72. The cause of his death is still pending further investigation. Carl’s daughter, Alex Wagner, is a co-host of “CBS This Morning: Saturday”. In a statement, President Clinton praised Wagner as one of the finest organizers and one of the best political minds of their generation.

Carl Wagner Illness: What Disease Does Carl Wagner Have?

American political strategist Carl Wagner’s health records are not publicly known. It is therefore impossible to say if he had any health problems.

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