Casey Anthony Children: Does Casey Anthony Have Kids?

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Casey Anthony made headlines after being held accountable for the death of Caylee, her three-year-old daughter.

Despite all the evidence that pointed to her, she was finally cleared of Caylee’s murder charge in 2011, and the case received a lot of public attention.
During the infamous Casey Anthony murder trial, shocking information about Casey Anthony’s family—a family that was entangled in deceit, immorality, and shaky relationships—was revealed. Since 2008, nobody has been charged with vicariously being responsible for the death of Caylee, a 2-year-old.

On August 9, 2005, Caylee Anthony was born by Ms. Anthony, who became pregnant at the age of 19. She has never disclosed who her child’s father is. Casey Anthony insisted that her ex-boyfriend Jesse Grund was the father, but the paternity test was unfavorable.

Casey Anthony Children: Does Casey Anthony Have Kids?

Yes, Caylee Marie Anthony was Casey’s late daughter. The identity of Caylee’s father is still unknown.


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