Casey Anthony Parents: George Anthony, Cindy Anthony

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Casey Marie Anthony was born on the 19th day of march 1986 to George Anthony and Cindy Anthony. Casey came into the limelight in 2008 after she was arrested for the death of her own daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. Authorities received a call from Cindy, the grandmother of Caylee and the mother of Casey that she cannot find her granddaughter for some days now and there is a smell coming from Casey’s car which was similar to that of a dead body.

The case which was described by Time magazine as the social media trial of the century ended and Casey was released in 2011 having served some jail time before the conclusion of the trial.

Casey Anthony’s Parents: George Anthony, Cindy Anthony

George Anthony and Cindy Anthony are the parents of Casey Anthony, the mother who came into the news due to the death of her three-year-old daughter. There are no details about the marriage of George and Cindy, though they have been together for some time and are still together.

These grandparents are still traumatized as a result of how their little granddaughter Caylee died.


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