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Cassper Nyovest accepts Zingah’s public apology: ‘It’s all good’

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Rapper Cassper Nyovest and Zingah appear to have patched up their differences.

Cassper posted a video of Zingah on his Twitter feed.

“It’s all good. We all do things we might not be proud of after experiencing some growth. We will chop it up properly in person soon and build from it. God bless,” he wrote.

In the video, Zingah described how talking to the rapper helped him feel better when he wasn’t feeling well.

“I remember I was at my lowest, he [Cassper] was at his highest peak going crazy, I think he was about to fill up the Dome,” Zingah said.

“So he walks in and started chopping it with me and obviously, at the time when he is in the club he is like Mandela is in the club, you can feel it in the air. So we chopping it in the club, and the boy is just checking on me and I think he could see that I was down bad, like mentally and just spiritually.”

“That n*gga was just telling me how cool I am, he’s like you are the coolest n*gga I’ve ever seen in my life. He gave me that and it gave me life, so to my camera, Mr Cassper Nyovest Refiloe, my apologies for the disrespect. I was playing foul,” said Zingah.

He previously said he had no issues with Cassper in an interview with The Sobering Podcast.

I love Cass, I listen to his sh*t, so just the sh*t he was talking in his music was getting to me, it’s like this n*gga believes he’s better than me. I have nothing personal against that n*gga. I addressed him musically,” he said.

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