Rejecting the Dubai opportunity over your boys is not heroism – Victoria Lakshmi Hamah tells Francisca Lamini

Victoria Lakshmi Hamah and Lamini Francisca

Ghanaian politician, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah has spoken on Francisca Lamini’s decision to reject her chance to go to Dubai. The young brilliant girl said, although she was given this opportunity for being the most outstanding student, she will not go without her other two male contestants. Reacting to this, the former Deputy Communications Ministers under … Read more

Only married couples are supposed to complain about cheating not 2 confused fornicators called boyfriend & girlfriend

Esther Saforo Ministries

One common reason for the break of so many relationships is ‘cheating’. Cheating as you all know is when your partner has an affair with another person. People have their own definitions to it but the basic meaning is when your partner gets involved with another person while you two are still dating. Well, a … Read more

Mother disciplines her teenage daughter after she shared video of herself kissing her boyfriend on social media

mother lash daughter

In this era and century, social media has become very common. So you’ll see children on social apps posting unnecessary things without knowing that they are putting themselves at risk. So this teenage girl from Ghana was with her boyfriend and they did a snap video together. In the video, the love birds could be … Read more

My wife has been chatting with another man secretly but she saved the number with the name of a lady

man crying

Relationship counselor, David Bondze-Mbir, has shared a heartbreaking story of a man who discovered that his wife has been chatting with another man behind his back. Not only that, some secrets in their chats is making his heart break apart. Read his message below: “Dave, quick one. I picked my wife’s phone to make a … Read more