Normalise giving ladies transport money when you want her to visit you – Media personality tells men

transport money

This issue of whether a guy should give transport money to a lady when she visits him is becoming quite a debate every passing day. Entirely, men are saying since ladies always ‘cry’ about equality, then, they shouldn’t be expecting transport money from them every time they visit. Well, this Nigerian media personality simply known … Read more

95% of Nigerian women have cheated on their husbands – Joro Olumofin

joro olumofin

Popular relationship counsellor, Joro Olumofin has opined that 95% of Nigerian women have cheated on their husbands or boyfriends. This percentage seems huge and a lot of people are disputing him. However, Joro in defending why he quoted such a percentage said cheating is not always sexual. According to him, the mere fact that women … Read more

Street preacher delivers mad man

mas man delivered

In a viral video roaming on social media, a street preacher could be seen holding a serious prayer of deliverance for a mentally challenged man. As seen in the video, the mad man is clearly unwilling to be prayed for. However, the overzealous preacher who could be seen praying on top of his voice forcefully … Read more

Travelling abroad is scam it’s better to stay in Ghana – Ghanaian based in Norway advises youth

travelling abroad

Travelling abroad is kind of the dream of most youths in Ghana. The motive mostly is that, the pasture is greener in developed countries such as America, UK, Germany, Canada, just to mention a few. So once you find yourself in these countries, there are better chances of becoming successful due to the wide range … Read more