Cristale Morgan Lyrics


Cristale Morgan Lyrics [Intro] Bun lockdown (Zel, this shit crazy) Rah! [Verse] I love money and freedom (Free meals) Had to cut man loose cah he loved my Ps He’s skunk, fam, this ain’t no threesome (He’s gone) I wish my mum called me Morgan If started talkin’ free, man’s freezin’ (Freeze up) Nuff times … Read more

Jahmiel Retribution Lyrics


Jahmiel Retribution Lyrics Jahmiel has released a new song which he titles Retribution and a lot of people have already begun asking for the lyrics to this dope piece of a banger. Jahmiel in his  Retribution song went hard and touched on how his mother doesn’t want him to be a gangster but a lot … Read more

Koffee Pull Up Lyrics


Koffee Pull Up Lyrics Pull up inna the party, yeah I nah watch nobody, yeah Pull up inna the ‘Rari, yeah Bare feelings dem a carry Pull up inna the Audi, yeah I nah watch nobody, yeah Pull up inna the Cartier I nah watch nobody but you Pull up inna the Lada But me … Read more

Alkaline Twerc Lyrics


These are lyrics to Alkaline’s Twerc song which had the visual released a while ago. Alkaline Twerc Lyrics Ooh, ooh (haha) Love fi see she twerc Twercing Autobamb (True Loyal) Love fi see she twerc drop it low and bring it back then she put it in reverse (reverse) Bumpa deh wa broad she cock … Read more

Jay Bhad Focus Lyrics


These is the official lyrics of Jay Bhad’s Focus song which is trending across. Jay Bhad Focus Lyrics Asakaa Gang No one will believe in you Until you make it Life is how you make it Believe in yourself, Never Limit Can do spirit, GO GET it Online adwuma Yenngye Permit Employ yourself P3 sika, … Read more

Shenseea Dolly Lyrics

Shenseea Dolly Lyrics

These are the lyrics of Shenseea’s Dolly song. Shenseea Dolly Lyrics Some a dem gyal ah see mi and dem face get saggy Shenseea But dem know weh mek dem haggy? A tru mi ah dolly [Pre-Chorus] Tell a gyal fi guweh Chat all yuh waan, but yuh cyaan touch me Everyday a mi life … Read more