Celebrities With Bipolar

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Bipolar (Manic Depressive) disorder is a mental illness characterized by persistent and/or unusual mood swings that can impair one’s quality of life. We understand that having bipolar disorder is difficult to manage without proper education and resources.

Celebrities With Bipolar

Brian Douglas Wilson, the co-founder of the Beach Boys, began experiencing mental health issues around the age of 21. It all started with hearing voices and panic attacks, which caused him to stop touring.

Buzz Aldrin, an American astronaut, struggled with bipolar disorder after his historic trip to the moon. Aldrin rose to prominence as the pilot of the first successful moon landing. His depression and alcoholism were exacerbated by the intense scrutiny of the public eye.

Carrie Fisher, who starred as Princess Leia in “Star Wars,” struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. It is difficult to diagnose bipolar disorder in someone who has a history of substance abuse. After a year of sobriety, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 29.


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