Celebrities With Depression

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We’ll focus on a relative minority of the numerous celebrities that battle depression.

The First One Is Kirsten Dunst

The 39-year-old actor has disclosed that she checked herself into a rehab facility while she was in her 20s in order to get therapy for depression. Dunst claims she battled the ailment for years before realizing she had been holding a lot of resentment inside.

Katy Perry

During a 96-hour broadcast on YouTube, the pop diva discussed her battle with depression. Perry revealed during a tearful interview with Siri Sat Nam Singh, host of The Therapist on the Viceland channel, that she opened herself so that her followers could see her for who she really is. “People may dream huge dreams if they see that I’m just like them,” I said.

Johnson, Dwayne

In a recent interview with the British daily Express, “The Rock,” one of Hollywood’s most paid performers, discussed his struggles with melancholy. Johnson, who at the age of 15 prevented his mother’s attempted suicide by saving her life, noted that “struggle and agony is genuine.”

The next day, he tweeted, “Depression never discriminates.” It took me a while to grasp it, but the secret is to not be scared to open up. It seems to be kept within, especially by us men.

Lady Gaga

The pop artist, whose songs include “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face,” claims she has fought with depression and anxiety her whole life. Gaga isn’t embarrassed to disclose that she takes depression medication.

She stated her opinion that it is crucial for individuals to discuss their mental health in an interview with Billboard magazine. “We are more powerful if we remain together and share our tales.”

Jon Hamm

Hamm has faced difficulties with some serious issues, much like his Mad Men character Don Draper. He has been candid about his struggles with depression and claims that the loss of his father when he was in college was particularly difficult.

The merits of counseling were discussed by Hamm in an interview with InStyle magazine. “We live in a culture where it’s considered weak to accept anything bad about oneself when it’s truly a strength. It’s not a sign of vulnerability to seek help.

Jim Carrey

From the Grinch to Ace Ventura, the man who created some of the weirdest characters in the film admits to having some low moments.

In addition to leading a very pure, spiritual life, he is outspoken about using antidepressants. I don’t usually drink coffee,” he said to 60 Minutes. I take abstinence from alcohol and drugs extremely seriously. Too much beauty exists in life.

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