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Celebrity Reactions To ‘Ghanaian Drill’ Recognition At The Grammy

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It is a very positive reaction from the celebrity front to the announcement of the Grammy to include Ghanaian Drill in its next award nominations.

Despite the fact, there is a division among some users of social media over who is to be crowned the person that pushed for this to be considered, it is equal joy it’s been considered.

The official announcement from the Academy was made on the 13th of June and that has taken over social media.

It reads the addition of the best African Music Performance Category reflects how African acts such as Burna Boy, Wiz Kids, Black Sherif, and Tems along with the rise of the Afrobeats genre have become global chart-topping stars and streaming juggernauts.

It is clear from the expression that this very category was introduced due to the performance of some artists from Africa as some have mentioned above. The reactions on the bird app are as shown below.


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