Chad Henne Children: Meet Chace Henne, Hunter Henne

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Following Patrick Mahomes’ injury, Chad Henne led the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory over the Cleveland Browns. And the quarterback’s regular cheer squad, aka his family, was most likely cheering him on. Brittany Hartman, Chad Henne’s wife, was with him long before his professional career began. He went to Michigan for college football.

During his time at Michigan, Henne became only the second freshman starting quarterback in school history, amassed 32 regular-season wins, 8,740 offensive yards, and 87 touchdowns, and led the Wolverines to a Capital One Bowl victory over Florida.

Chad Henne Children: Meet Chace Henne, Hunter Henne

While Henne was in Denver for a game, Hartman was pregnant with their first child. When she called to say she was in labour, he finished the game before boarding a plane back home.

On October 13, 2013, Chad Henne’s wife gave birth to their son, Chace, while he was on the plane. Chace arrived a week earlier than expected. Their second child’s birth went relatively smoothly. Hunter Henne, their daughter, was born on December 21, 2015.


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