Chad Henne Parents: Sheldon Henne, Suzanne Henne

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American football quarterback Chad Henne, 27, played collegiate football at Michigan and is currently with the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Henne joined his current team, the Kansas City Chiefs, on March 16 of the 2018 season. He missed all of the 2019 season with a fractured ankle (Henne was on injured reserve when Matt Moore started in place of Patrick Mahomes). Henne earned his first Super Bowl ring while serving as Kansas City’s backup quarterback during their Super Bowl run.

Henne has never participated in a playoff game before Sunday, despite being a member of an NFL roster for eight postseason contests. He has thrown 63 interceptions compared to 60 touchdowns (76.1 rating in his career).

Brittany Hartman is the wife of Henne. Since 2010, they have been wed.

Chad Henne Parents: Sheldon Henne, Suzanne Henne

Sheldon and Suzanne Henne are Chad Henne’s parents. On July 2, 1985, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, he was born to them.

Almost nothing is known about Henne’s parents.


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