Charlene Austin Family: Husband, Children, Parents, Siblings

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Charlene Austin was born and raised in Washington D.C. She is a famous person who has dedicated her life to supporting military families and veterans. Her extensive experience ranges from government service to non-profit consultancy, all focused on making a positive impact on those who have served our country.

Throughout her career, Charlene Austin held leadership positions within the Army, managing programs like the Community Service Employment Program, Continuing Education Guidance Counseling, and Troop and Family Member Transition Services.

Following her government service, Ms. Austin leveraged her expertise to consult for non-profit organizations dedicated to military service members and their families.

Charlene Austin Husband

Charlene is the wife of secretary defense, Llyod Austin. The couple have been married for four decades.

Charlene Austin Children

Charlene Austin had two sons prior to marrying Llyod. Currently, it is not quite certain if Austin and Charlene have any children together.

Charlene Austin Parents

Charlene’s parents are not known.

Charlene Austin Siblings

The siblings of Charlene have remained undisclosed.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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