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Charles Jackson Release Date

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Known as The East Bay Slayer, Charles Jackson Jr. (February 12, 1937 – February 15, 2002) was an American serial killer and rapist who killed one man and at least seven women in the San Francisco Bay area between 1975 and 1982.

He was found guilty of just one murder and passed away in prison in 2002, before his crimes were fully exposed thanks to DNA profiling. In addition, he may have committed a few more murders.

At sixteen years old, Jackson was taken into custody and accused of stealing in 1953. His crimes only grew worse after that.

Jackson and his mother relocated to California in the late 1950s, and during the ensuing two decades, Jackson was arrested multiple times on suspicion of felony offenses like rape, assault, burglary, and child molestation.

March 2, 1962, January 11, 1965, May 15, 1967, October 1969, June 9, 1970, August 21, 1975, and May 22, 1978 are some of the dates that are included.

Charles Jackson Release Date

Jackson was convicted in 1983 and given a life sentence in prison as punishment.However, Jackson was retried in 1985 following the discovery of evidence of a judicial error. In 1986, Jackson’s second trial began, and this time, he received a life sentence.


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