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Cheating Is Normal In Marriage, Know This And Know Peace – Empress Gifty Tries To Justify Her Miserable Marriage

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There are things in marriage that one cannot change but rather learn to live with. It is said that the devil you know is far better than the angel you do not know. That is what is happening in the marriage.

One may consider his or her spouse as bad but leaving him or her and meeting another, will realize that, the first was far better than the new.

Every human being has his or her flaws and the moment we all learn that no one is perfect, the better for us. There is no man or woman that is round perfect. He or she will be good at one and bad at the other.

That is why Empress Gifty in her speech, has made it known that cheating is normal and she will stay by the fire that is burning her, she knows its intensity than going out and meeting another that burns differently than this.

She has been under criticism for saying what she said but it is her view and she holds that to herself.


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