Cheddar Is The New NAM1, Don’t Be Deceived – Afia Schwarzenegger

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Afia Schwarzenegger has issued a warning to Ghanaians about Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar, who has identified himself as the leader of ‘The New Force’ political outfit.

Afia Schwarzenegger advised prudence, drawing comparisons between Cheddar and Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), the CEO of Menzgold Company Limited, whose business dealings encountered problems and left clients in debt.

Afia Schwarzenegger warned Ghanaians in a TikTok video not to believe Cheddar’s claims that he can pull the nation out of its current problems. She said that Cheddar and NAM1 were both people with dubious motivations.

“Not all that glitters is gold. What NAM1 was doing was so fraudulent that it was only idiots that couldn’t see. You all fell for it, and now how far did it go? How much of your locked funds have been paid?

Afia Schwarzenegger

How many press conferences have you done that he is still sitting on the money? You haven’t been paid yet you are allowing him to rebrand this boy to you that we need salvation,” Afia Schwarzenegger remarked.

She questioned Cheddar’s intentions, arguing that if redemption was truly required, it would not come from someone with a questionable past. Afia Schwarzenegger warned Ghana’s young to be wary and not be tempted by potentially false promises.

Cheddar recently presented himself as the driving force behind The New Force political movement, outlining his goals for the continent and professing to be the country’s savior.

Afia Schwarzenegger responded to Cheddar’s statement by stressing the need for skepticism and advising the audience not to be duped. She did this by citing previous instances in which people such as NAM1 were accused of fraud.


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