Chef Faila’s Cook-A-Thon Is Suicidal, She Needs Sleep – Blakk Rasta

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Blakk Rasta, a controversial radio personality and artist, has expressed reservations over Chef Faila’s Guinness World Record-breaking longest cooking marathon effort, which has received widespread media attention.

Blakk Rasta voiced concern about the possible health effects of cooking for so long because it leaves the person sleep deprived for a few days.

He called the cook-a-thon organized by Chef Faila a “suicide mission” and advised against participating in marathons that can be harmful to one’s health.

Blakk Rasta expressed concern about the growing popularity of various marathons in Ghana, such as sex-a-thons, stand-a-thons, and kiss-a-thons. He underlined the significance of not supporting activities that could lead to a “suicide mission,” particularly those that involve extended periods of sleep deprivation.

Blakk Rasta

In a video shared by Happyhome TV on their YouTube channel, Blakk Rasta stated, “and for me, losing sleep for more than three days is a suicide mission. I will not support that. I don’t know about you. You call it pushing the limit, but I call it a suicide mission. We pray that they do not lose their lives and that they learn a lesson that will help the whole nation.”

At the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, Chef Faila will be competing in a cook-a-thon that will last 240 hours after surpassing 200 hours.


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