Chelsea Fc Net Worth

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Chelsea FC is one of the best and biggest Premier League clubs ever. Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich has achieved great success with his club, winning the premier league title five times.

Chelsea as a club is not only popular for winning Premier League titles, the FA Cup, and Champions League titles but the club has a colossal net worth.

Chelsea FC Net Worth

Chelsea FC has a net worth of approximately $3.2 billion as of 2022. The club has many influential sponsors and investors who continue pumping millions of dollars into it.

Chelsea’s net worth has automatically made its owner, Roman Abramovich one of the most influential and wealthy individuals.

Roman Abramovich Sells Chelsea

The latest information which has gone viral among football lovers and Chelsea fans is that Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich is making plans to sell the club.

At first, the information appeared just like a rumor but as it is, rumors have some iota of truth in them.

Abramovich confirmed in a statement released on the Club’s official Twitter page that indeed, he has concluded plans to sell the club.

Reasons for Selling the Club

Roman Abramovich said in his statement that, it was not all about business or the money. His primary motive for selling the club was to donate the funds realized to charity organizations to help save Ukraine.

The Russian attacks on Ukraine have really touched the hearts of many key individuals including Abramovich and the latter has also decided to contribute his quota to save the situation in the war-torn region of Ukraine, hence his decision to part ways with the club.

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