Cheng Peng (serial killer) wife: Was Cheng Peng married?

A family of cadres from Shaanxi’s Jingbian County gave birth to in Yinchuan in 1962.

He was raised in a rather fortunate environment because of his father’s profession, and both of his parents took good care of him.


From 1988 through 1995, Cheng Peng, a Chinese serial murderer, and dog breeder murdered six individuals in Yinchuan, sometimes with the assistance of three accomplices. Cheng Peng was born in 1962 and died on September 25, 1995.

He is well known for feeding some of his victims’ remains to his dogs, one of which was depicted in the 1993 Chinese film An Old Man and His Dog, which was directed by acclaimed director Xie Jin and included Peng himself as lead actor Tian Xie’s body double.

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Cheng Peng () wife: Was Cheng Peng married?

We have no details of her being married on the internet and hence we can’t confirm, we will update you if anything comes up.

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