Chichi, Chizzy, And Hermes Plan Wager Win

Head of House, , , and discussed their upcoming Wager and what their presentation would look like in order to win.

was overjoyed last night after being elected Head of House and promised all Housemates that food would not be a problem. “It is the Queen’s regime, we’re going to have everything in excess,” she said while speaking. The only way this was going to be a sure thing was if I won the week’s Wager. Some Housemates are dead set on making this happen.

While cleaning up the kitchen this morning, Chchi told Chizzy about all of her plans for the Wager presentation on Friday. She explained that she wanted to start with the keyword breaking point. According to Chichi, it was critical that the presentation focused on moments when the Housemates were angry, scared, or emotional. She spotted moments like the food fight and also requested that slang commonly used by Housemates, such as Phyna screaming “Who dey…?” be included in the presentation.

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Chichi went on to warn that she would ‘drag up’ anyone who tried to drag the House back with a sloppily disposed attitude. We’re not sure who she was referring to, but Chizzy wholeheartedly agreed with all of her plans and insisted on everyone being involved in the creative process.

Later in the day, Hermes shared his thoughts on the Wager. He mentioned that key events in the House, such as the clash between Levels at Tasks and some of the things they did as a group prior to the merger, needed to be highlighted. He used the Level anthems as an example, stating that they had to be included in the presentation.

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