China plants chicken organs in other animals for faster egg production.


China plants chicken organs in other animals for faster egg production.

The Chinese government has once again shown its advances in technology, and this time in the animal kingdom. The Chinese planted organs of gall in other animals for faster egg production.

This is the piece of news circulating on social media.

The piece of information has an animal that looks like a cow laying eggs. Social media users are sharing the photo. And since this is coming from China, of course, everyone believes.

Well, China is capable of producing just anything. So it is believable when they say they now have animals with special organs that lay eggs.

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Social media users have reacted to the photos. While some are impressed, others are of the view that this is not good; some netizens even vowed never to eat eggs until they know its source.

Has China planted chicken organs in other animals for faster egg production?

The answer is NO! No because, Vim Buzz did its research and from what we found, nothing of this is in place. This just seems like one of those fake news and it should be disregarded. This is something China can do anyway. But we can only look forward to it in the future.

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