Chizzy Alichi Competing With The Husband Over Beauty – Who Do You Think Fine Pass The Other (PHOTOS)

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Actress Chizzy Alichi is competing with the husband over who fine pass the other in these photos and we want to know what you think about it as to which of them fine pass the other.

Sharing a photo of them ready to go for an event, Chizzy Alichi claimed to be finer than her husband and some colleagues of her reacting to that disagreed with her that saying though she’s beautiful, she isn’t fine as her husband.

Taking a critical look at the photos Chizzy Alichi shared, you can tell she and her husband are both looking good but claiming she looks fine than him is just because of her makeup and a little effect from the photos since her husband doesn’t do makeup.

We just want to know from our cherished readers what they think about Chizzy Alichi’s claims putting aside the fact that she’s a lady who’s beautiful with the help of makeup and photo editing which we believe she did on these photos.

Photos Below;




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