Chung Chak Lee children: Does Chung Chak Lee have kids?

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Chung Chak Lee is accused of being a key figure in the ‘The Company’ or ‘Sam Gor’ drug gang, which is blamed for up to 70% of all drugs traded in Australia.
The alleged drug lord was seized by Thai police at his Bangkok flat two years ago after charges were filed in Australia, according to investigators. Police in more than 20 countries were tracking Mr Lee’s movements.
Chung Chak Lee is regarded as a turning point in Australian law enforcement. He was extradited from Thailand on Saturday after ten years on the Australian federal police’s most wanted list. According to prizebondlives.com, he is the right hand of The Company, a legendary $23 billion a year narcotics enterprise.
Australian police have extradited an alleged international drug lord to Australia. Chung is suspected of smuggling massive amounts of cocaine into the country on behalf of a criminal gang. According to AFP Assistant Commissioner Krissy Barrett, Mr Lee’s arrest was the result of a determination to track down transnational criminals who operate overseas to avoid Australian authorities.

Does Chung Chak Lee have kids?

Chung Chak Lee is rumoured to have children with a lady in Thailand. This statement has not been confirmed yet since it’s still a rumour.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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