Clem Ohameze surgery: 4 solid facts you should know

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Nollywood actor Clem Ohameze’s surgery is the most trending issue on the internet today. The actor went viral after he came public with his health condition.

In a video, he said he’s calling on Nigerians to pray for him. He said it is not money he wants but just their prayers to go through the interview.

This news could be surprising to some of you, so we have compiled 4 solid facts you should know about the Clem Ohameze surgery:

  1. He had his first surgery a few years ago. The first surgery was after he was involved in an accident. He had a problem with is spinal cord, so he was made to undergo a surgery which helped ease the pain.
  2. A few years later this year 2021, the problem is back again, which is the reason why he is scheduled for another surgical process. People are mistakenly saying the issue to be that Clem Ohameze is suffering from stroke.
  3. However, the issue is, when the accident happened, an x-ray showed that Clem Ohameze’s cervical vertebrae 3 had collapsed on 4, and it was causing a pressure on his spinal cord thereby causing the retardment of the lower limb. This is why he is not able to walk.
  4. Another fact is, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, has supported Clem Ohameze with a whooping sum of 8million Naira towards the surgery. In photos shared online, the actor was seen close to tears.

Please we shall update with more facts once we get them.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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