Cocaine Found In White House May Have Belonged To ‘Biden Family Orbit’ Member, New Report Claims

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According to reports, a bag of cocaine discovered in the West Wing of the White House in July may have belonged to a member of the “Biden family orbit”; the president is said to know who it is.

In an article released this week, Susan Katz Keating, the publisher of Soldier of Fortune, made the startling assertion while citing three security sources. She even texted a number associated with President Biden in an effort to find the offender.

While the Secret Service publicly stated on July 13 that the investigation had been concluded without naming a suspect due to a “lack of physical evidence,” Keating claims that authorities were able to follow enough clues to identify a name and were sufficiently confident in their sleuthing to inform the commander-in-chief.

“If you want the name, ask Joe Biden,” one source told Keating.

“He knows who it is.”

“It was someone within the Biden family orbit, and it wasn’t Hunter,” said a second source, referring to the president’s adult son — who has admitted to being a drug addict.

Then, according to Keating, she texted a number provided by the White House, ostensibly to send Biden SMS messages, and posed the following direct question: “Three trusted sources tell me the Secret Service gave you the name of the person who brought the cocaine into the Executive Mansion. Is this true; and if so, can you please confirm the name?”

Keating’s message was returned with the message “Not Delivered.”

The report has been vigorously refuted by the Secret Service.

According to Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, Soldier of Fortune’s assertion that the organization located the cocaine’s owner and then informed the president “is false.”

“The Secret Service does not know who transported the small bag of cocaine into the White House,” Guglielmi said.

“Our investigation could not lead to a person of interest and there were no discernible fingerprints or DNA that could be recovered from the packaging.”

He added:

“Our source is the independent crime lab of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This institution is not affiliated with the Secret Service, or the Department of Homeland Security. The FBI is nationally accredited in this area of forensic science and they conducted a very thorough analysis of the packaging.”

According to GOP legislators briefed on the situation, on July 2, a Secret Service member doing a regular patrol discovered around one gram of cocaine in a storage box inside the West Wing executive access.

The white powdery drug discovered in the White House last month was quickly identified by investigators as cocaine hydrochloride.

Many people in the US political community have wondered how cocaine ended up in one of the nation’s most protected facilities.

“I noted the text because every other method I tried brought no results. I am getting a lot of good information from sources, but I have to give the White House / Biden the opportunity to respond,” Keating told The Post.

“I sent several text messages, as per their offering. Each time, it bounced back as undelivered. I published the screenshot to show that I used the method the White House told me to use, and it didn’t work. I wanted to document that I made the attempt.”

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