Comedian Waris Reveals Having First Big Pay After Signing Onto A Nigerian Management

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Comedian Waris, a well-known Ghanaian comedian, recently described how he makes money by writing and posting comedic sketches on social media.

Comedian Waris disclosed in an exclusive interview with TV3 media host Cookie Tee that he moved from Ghana to Nigeria because he and other comedy actors there are managed by the same people.

“We are under the management of monetisation that is where the ‘odogwu’ money comes inside, aside from being a content creator where you wait for people to bill you on shows or pick you as an influencer. Sometimes being an influencer is quite difficult.”

I did not believe my first huge money I made from Facebook – Comedian Waris | 3News

Sharing some of the obstacles of being an influencer, he stated that some firms fail to realize that you cannot flood your social media sites with their products in order to promote them, and that he will never post three pieces of content from the same company in a week.

Comedian Waris went on to say that all other social media platforms pay well, with the exception of Instagram.

He said the highest amount of money he has earned from Facebook is over $9,000 (GH¢112,529.25). “Facebook pays more than that.

That is why Sabinus is who he is, that is why Brain Jotter is who he is. That is why Nigerians are able to buy houses, cars at any point they want.” Sharing more about how much he makes online, the Ghanaian comic actor stated that the last time he was on TikTok in December 2023, he made between $5,000 (GH¢62,516.25) to $6,000 (GH¢75,019.50) in a week.

“All these things, there are ways of doing them. Just that Ghana is not a country that is added to the monetisation list. Because common Paypal we don’t have a head office to withdraw money. We are all dealing with other countries like Nigeria, having another management somewhere who handles your page in terms of content creation.”

Abdul Waris Umaru, known as Comedian Waris, is a Ghanaian comedian and actor.


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