Courteney Cox Dishes On Returning To ‘Scream’ For ‘Really Good’ 6th Film


isn’t finished with Scream. ET’s Matt Cohen addressed Cox at the FYC occasion for her Starz series, Shining Vale – – which has been restored for season 2 – – about the show’s future and returning for a 6th portion in the thriller establishment.


“I have barely any familiarity with agreements and where things are, however I’ll tell you in the content – – it’s a great one,” Cox prodded of the 6th Scream film due out March 2023. “You really must be killed assuming that you discuss it, so I won’t utter a word.”


Shout isn’t the main thing she’s returning for, Cox let ET know what she trusts is available for her personality, author Patricia, “Pat” Phelps, come season 2 of the hit awfulness satire.

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“I was so fortunate to have the option to investigate what I had the option to in prepare 1, and I can hardly comprehend it will be significantly more,” Cox said about the show’s subsequent season.


“However, everything from dependence on emotional wellness to the conjugal conflict to moving and an inability to write. I just had such countless things to play – – having youngsters, one going through adolescence, one driving mother away – – which I’m truly OK with or going through.”


Season 1 finishes with Pat being conceded to a psych ward by her little girl. While that appears as though a closure for Pat, Cox said the opportunities for her personality next season are “boundless.”

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“I just had to such an extent. It was so complex, my personality.


Also, I can envision it will be more, on the grounds that toward the finish of last season, I was going solidly into a psych ward,” Cox uncovered. “I couldn’t in fact envision what will occur, it’s boundless.”

At the point when asked what her genuine little girl, Coco, who she imparts to her Scream co-star David Arquette, thought about the extreme scene, Cox applauded and kidded, “Yippee! Great job.”


While Shining Vale is a major takeoff from her job as Monica Gellar on Friends, the show shares an astounding association.

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“In front of an audience 5, which is where Friends began, is where the storage room is, where my personality – – where she composes and where Rosemary visits her,” Cox uncovered. “I simply trust that when we return, it’s without covers.


I believe that the grocery store should be open. I simply need to sit in the very seat that we used to sit in [while shooting Friends] and get a similar plate of mixed greens. I’m expecting that.”


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