Courtney Love Accused By Journalist Of Grabbing His Crotch Nearly A Decade Ago

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Journalist Frank Elaridi has accused Courtney Love of groping him over ten years ago.

On Thursday’s edition of his podcast, Quite Frankly, the Emmy-winning journalist stated that the 58-year-old singer-songwriter reportedly touched him “six to 10 years ago.”

The author also claimed that by disclosing this information now, he is not attempting to “cancel” the musician rather than starting a discussion about unfair judgments.

When he was 24 years old, the author remembers being given the task of conducting an interview with the actress who will soon make her big-screen comeback after a five-year absence at Coachella.

The host claimed to have been employed by Nightline at the time and had gone to the guitarist’s after-party to meet her.

‘I’m at her afterparty interviewing her in a side room,’ he said while speaking to his podcast guest, Nahko. ‘And she’s like, “Come hang out with us!” So I do.

‘We take a photo together, and the second the photo’s done, she grabs my crotch, like, really hard,’ he told the Oregon-born musician.

Elaridi posted the image and said he was “caught off guard” by her unexpected position.

Then he added that, in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement, he does not want to “cancel” their relationship but rather wants to initiate a discussion about the double standard.

‘That would never cross my mind to be like, “Let me go after her now, 10 years later”,’ he said.

‘She’s a rockstar in my head — not to justify it or say it’s OK — but in my head, that would never cross my mind to do that,’ he continued. ‘[But] maybe we should talk about it.’

He then prompted the question: ‘Is it because she’s a woman and I’m a man?’

Elaridi further stated to People that he is not attempting to “get her cancelled or in trouble” by talking about this interaction now, but rather to “start a conversation about why these double standards between men and women exist.”

He also added: ‘Courtney was nothing but kind when I interviewed her, and I genuinely think that she was just playing the persona of a rockstar.

‘She probably thought she was going to give this kid a photo to show his friends and talk about years from now,’ he explained before adding that he did not think her intentions were ‘predatory’.

‘My hope is that we get to a place where we can have open and honest conversations and give people a chance to grow and evolve, rather than just accuse and cast them out permanently,’ he told the publication.

He also asserted that he is ‘fully aware’ that he did not feel threatened or unsafe during the encounter — which would be different if the roles were reversed.

‘With that in mind, I do see why there might be a double standard where it’s just not the same, because I didn’t ever feel in danger or like she could overpower me,’ he stated.

‘I was young, naive, and went along with it because people were watching and I thought it was what “cool” people do,’ he continued.

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