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Curvy Lady Dating Trotro Driver Causes Scene On The Street For Low Pocket Money, Video Causes Stir

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I wish to term this the wahala of the trotro driver. A very beautiful and curvy lady has caused a stir on the street as she attacked her boyfriend in the line of duty.

The basis for the attack is that she wants more to be added to the pocket money that the guy gave her.

The lady was very aggressive and went as far as standing in front of the car to prevent his boyfriend from moving the car. She pressed down her demand and without which the car won’t move. She continued with her demand that at a point the passengers were made to board a different bus.

It was a scene that was not anticipated by the driver as he was a free mind and left to work so he could get something home. I think the lady won’t get anything the following day to even say it is not enough because she has disrupted the smooth running of the boyfriend’s business.



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