Cy Kass: Who is Alex Wagner’s son?

American journalist and author Alexandra Swe Wagner.

She is the author of FutureFace: A Family Mystery, an Epic Quest, and the Secret to Belonging and co-host of The Circus on Showtime.

She also works as a contributing editor for The Atlantic and a contributor for CBS News.Let’s get to know Alex’s son Cy Kass.

Cy Kass: Who is ’s son?

Cy Kass is a famous American youngster.

Top journalist Alex Wagner is his mother. Similarly, Sam Kass’s father is a well-known American political consultant. Just five years old, Cy Kass. On the other side, his parents are wealthy.

Cy Kass is too young to launch her own business. He can, nevertheless, develop into a successful adult like his parents. He is also a wonderful kid who enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle. They want their son to make real decisions since they are caring parents. He is also white in ethnicity. Similarly, he is an American by birth. He also has a brother who grew up alongside his older brother.

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