Da’naia Jackson Curse Video

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Da’Naia Jackson has faced a series of humiliations due to her husband’s controversies including cheating scandals on social media. The spiritual believer has stood by her husband and father of her two children for years through public criticism and ridicule, even after cases of infidelity on her husband’s side.

Forcefully declaring Scripture is more powerful than “carnal clapbacks,” Da’Naia Jackson, the Christian wife of popular relationship guru Derrick Jaxn, publicly cursed detractors who mock and slander their names with Bible verses proclaiming suffering on their families, including loss of life.

Da’naia Jackson Curse Video


“Every person speaking against the names Da’Naia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn in mockery, accusations, slanders and lies, may the mercies of God be withdrawn from you. May your husbands and wives become widows. Let your children become fatherless,” Jackson declared in an Instagram video which went viral.

Da’naia Jackson further stated that “Let your seed become vagabonds on the earth. Let the words of your mouth and the work of your hands be returned back to you. Let it go down your throat and choke you slowly until your days become few on the earth.”

However Da’naia’s husband Jaxn, announced the couple’s divorce after photos of him and a mystery woman surfaced online.


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