Darcelle XV Height: How Tall Is Darcelle XV?

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Walter W. Cole, an American drag queen, performer, and owner and operator of a cabaret in Portland, Oregon, went by the stage name Darcelle XV. Darcelle XV was born on November 16, 1930.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognized Darcelle, who passed away on Thursday, as the world’s oldest active drag performer in 2016; she entertained crowds right up until the end.

As a performer, Darcelle was renowned for running the longest-running drag performance on the West Coast of the United States. Cole, an Army veteran, promoted LGBTQ+ rights and volunteer work in Portland off the stage.

Cole, a gay man, used the third person and the pronouns “she” and “her” when talking about Darcelle.

The performer, who also made many of the club’s costumes, was described by Stanley as not only a gifted artist but also a kind person who was passionate about the LGBTQ+ community and the struggle against the prevalent social stigma at the time.

Darcelle XV Height: How Tall Is Darcelle XV?

Darcelle XV was 1.83 meters tall or better still 6 feet tall.


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