“Date Your Gender And Let Us Hear Word” TBoss Tells Men Who Complain After Dates With Women

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Social media has become an arena that people use to express their thoughts on issues in diverse ways. It has become a norm for young men to complain about the ladies they go on a date with. Literally, these young men expect ladies to behave as though they need not express themselves but to accept whatever comes from them

Earlier today, TBoss of Big Brother Naija reality TV show advised men who complain after going on dates with women to date men instead. The reality star shared a screenshot of two men complaining after the girls they went out with ordered more than they approve of.

According to one of the men, he took a lady out on a date, and to his surprise, she ate more than he expected for such an incident not to repeat itself, he blocked the lady.

Reacting, TBoss wrote: “Boys these days be having too much to complain about. Date your gender and let us hear word already.”

Have a look at the screenshot below:

"Date your gender and let us hear word" TBoss tells men who complain after dates with women

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