Dating Shows Are The Next Big Thing, Says Maleka

Host of thinks dating Tv shows have brought out stains associated with men looking for love on such platforms.

The show returns in October for a second season, and Maleka said while it was seen as a prohibition before, dating Tv shows were a fun place for many men to find love.

“The stigma is gone. Guys are not afraid to say I’m here to find love. Whether it is on TV or where it does not matter. In fact, they brag about the women that were on offer for them.

“Men like being the prize now. For women, it is like taking the power back, and saying I have a choice in the matter. If you don’t have what I want I will keep it moving,” he said.

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“I think TV has discovered that audiences like seeing people and people like to see an authentic representation of themselves. They are not afraid to make fun of what our age group found as taboo.”

In the second season, Maleka assured fun, twist, and turns.

“The connections are very genuine and people are decisive. They know what they want and how they want it. They have evolved and there is no more tolerance of certain things. If you do not have this, then this won’t work.

“The most common thing that people want is energy and connection. It is no longer about looks. What is shocking is seeing a younger generation being decisive about what they want when it comes to love matters.”


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