Daunte Wright Cause Of Death

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Daunte Wright has had his family served with justice after his painful demise. The Police officer Kim Potter who shot and killed him has been finally jailed after months of trial.

Kim Potter was a former Minnesota police officer who mistakenly shot Daunte Wright with a gun after he accidentally pulled it out instead of a Taser. On Friday, February 18, 2022, he was handed just 2 years behind bars.

The conviction of Kim Potter lasted for nearly 2 months and her crime as first- and second-degree manslaughter.

Daunte Wright’s family requested to have Kim Potter jailed for a period of 7 years and 2 minths but her attorneys argued for lesser years on her behalf. They stated that Kim Potter had no prior criminal records and that she is rumorseful of the killing of Daunte Wright.

The State law requires that Kim Potter should serve at least two-third of her sentence behind bars after which she would be released on supervision for the remaining third should she be or a good behavior.

Before Kim Potter was jailed, Daunte Wright’s family requested that she was handed a higher sentence because their son was a golden asset for them. Daunte Wright mother stated:

“Police officer that took an oath to serve and protect for 26 years. But not on this day. On this day, she did not protec. She failed Daunte, our family and our community.”

Kim Potter on the other hand has issued an apology to her victim’s family saying:

“I am so sorry that I brought the death of your son, father, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, and the rest of your family. I’m sorry I broke your heart.”

Daunte Wright Cause Of Death

Daunte Wright died after he was shot by former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter who claimed she mistakenly pulled a gun instead of a Taser.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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