Dave Chappelle Opens Up About The ‘Ugly’ Side Of Will Smith After Oscars Slap

Comedy icon said Will Smith’s “cover” fell off when he slapped at the Oscars recently, uncovering something terrible underneath. Also, he said trusts the cover stays off.

“A many individuals fail to remember who Will Smith is,” Chappelle said during an occasion with Rock in Liverpool last week, as per the Telegraph. He reminded the crowd that the entertainer was from a harsh piece of Philadelphia.

“Then, 10 minutes before he was going to get the greatest honor… he behaved like he was back in Philadelphia,” Chappelle said.

He added:

“Will did the impression of an ideal individual for quite some time, and he ripped his cover off and showed us he was pretty much as monstrous as most of us. Anything that the outcomes are… I want to believe that he doesn’t return his veil on once more and allows his genuine face to relax.”

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“I see myself in the two men,” Chappelle said.

Chappelle was gone after in front of an audience somewhat more than a month after the Oscars. Rock was in participation.

“Was that Will Smith?” Rock broke.

Both Rock and Chappelle kidded about their assaults at a little club show in Los Angeles days after the fact.

“Basically you got smacked by an individual of notoriety,” Chappelle told Rock, per The Hollywood Reporter. “I got smacked by a destitute person with leaves in his hair.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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