Dave Chappelle Releases First Statement About ‘Unsettling’ Attack

A delegate for has put out an announcement with respect to a crowd of people part who went after him Tuesday night while the jokester was performing at the in Los Angeles.


“As sad and disrupting as the occurrence was, Chappelle happened with the show,” Carla Sims, Chappelle’s agent, said in an explanation to CNN. “Jamie Foxx and assisted quiet the group with humor before Chappelle presented the last and highlighted melodic visitors for the night.”

The one who handled Chappelle, recognized as Isaiah Lee, had a blade and is in guardianship, Los Angeles police told CNN.
The video shows Chappelle being gone after in front of an audience.

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LAPD representative Officer Lizeth Lomeli told CNN that Chappelle “had completed his demonstration and as he was leaving the stage, a male who was important for the crowd hopped on the stage and tackled (d) this superstar to the ground.”

Lee, 23, was captured for the lawful offense of attack with a dangerous weapon and taken to a clinic for clinical treatment, Lomeli said. The person in question “was not harmed because of the wrongdoing,” she said.

The weapon was a “blade cutting edge,” Lomeli said.
LAPD Officer Rosario Cervantes told CNN the suspect had a blade that was an imitation handgun.
Police later delivered photographs of the weapon, which were gathered and booked as proof, as per delivery from LAPD.

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Sims said Chappelle is “completely coordinating” with the police examination of the episode.
The rationale for the obvious assault stays hazy.
It additionally wasn’t certain if Chappelle recorded an authority police report.

Chappelle was performing at “Netflix is a Joke: The Festival.”
“We care profoundly about the security of makers and we unequivocally protect the right of professional comics to perform in front of an audience unafraid of brutality,” a Netflix representative told CNN in an explanation.

CNN journalist Rachel Crane was in the crowd and depicted the clamor after the assault.
As per Crane, the suspect was wearing a rucksack. He was hauled stage right, where he was being quelled, when Chappelle said, “Don’t do this dramatic, take him off.”

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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