David Birney Family: Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings, Grandchildren

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David Birney was an American actor and director. Throughout his entire career, he made performances in both contemporary and classical roles in theatre, film, and television.

He died in Santa Monica, California on April 27, 2022, at age 83. David is known to have died from dementia (Alzheimer’s disease).

David Birney Family

After the death of David Birney, people have become more interested in knowing more about his family. Relax, here is all you need to know about David Birney’s family.

David Birney Wife

He married Meredith Baxter in 1974, they had three children together and divorced in 1989. There is no record pointing to the fact that he married again.

David Birney Children

He had three children; Mollie Birney, Peter Birney and Kate Birney.

David Birney Parents

David’s parents were Edwin B. Birney and Jeanne Birney. His father died decades ago after battling an illness. His mother was one of the few people who believed in him. As of 2022, she is deceased.

David Birney Siblings

Did he have siblings? There is no information on David’s siblings on the internet. He might have been the only child of his parents.

David Birney Grandchildren

There is no information on David’s grandchildren on the internet.

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