David Foster And Katharine McPhee Age Difference

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In June 2019, McPhee, 37, and Foster, 72, got hitched. When McPhee was a contestant on “American Idol” in 2006, the two initially connected and remained friends ever since.

The couple’s first child, Rennie David Foster, was born in February 2021. Rennie is the sixth child of Foster, but he is McPhee’s first. In 2020, his daughters Sara, Erin, and Jordan said to People that they didn’t find anything wrong with their father’s marriage.

Foster’s daughters have made fun of the fact that McPhee is the same age in the past. Erin once captioned pictures of the couple with “my parents” and “excited about my new step mom,” months before they started dating.

David Foster And Katharine McPhee’s Age Difference

According to David Foster, he is aware that people bring up the age difference between him and Katharine McPhee. Foster, 72, and McPhee, 37, are 35 years apart in age and were married in 2019. Age difference is simply one of the issues that can arise in a marriage, according to Foster.


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