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David Seymour Net Worth and Salary

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David Breen Seymour is a New Zealand politician who currently serves as the Member of Parliament for Epsom and the leader of ACT New Zealand.

Born on 24 June 1983, Seymour is a graduate of the University of Auckland, where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) and a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy).

He initially worked in public policy in Canada before returning to New Zealand to pursue a career in politics.

Seymour entered the House of Representatives in 2014 as the sole MP representing ACT. Shortly after, he became the leader of the party, succeeding Jamie Whyte. He was re-elected in 2017 and led ACT to its most successful election result in 2020, securing ten seats.

As party leader, Seymour has championed libertarian social policies. He has been a strong advocate for the legalization of euthanasia and introduced a bill on the matter.

David Seymour Net Worth and Salary

He has an estimated net worth of $4 million and is believed to earn around $350,000

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