, an award-winning singer, and his wife, , who have been living a low-key lifestyle, have had their names tatted on each other's ring fingers.

A viral video shows the couple getting their names tatted on their ring fingers.

This comes after the artist paid Chioma's bride price in full.

Davido And Chioma Get Tattoos Of Each Other's Name On Their Ring Finger [Video]

In other news, remember that after losing their son, Davido and Chioma got married the conventional way in November.

The singer allegedly married Chioma in secret following the passing of their son.

Few family members attended the traditional wedding, which was held in his father's home, and cameras were not permitted.

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The blog claimed that Chioma's bridal price had been fully covered.

Remember that Davido had planned to marry Chioma next year, but following the tragedy, the singer married right away.

On November 6th, a traditional wedding was staged to console Chioma and convince her of her place with Davido.

Because of the tragedy surrounding their marriage, Davido was unable to execute his Umunna rituals, and as a result, he and Chioma were not legally married under Igbo law.


Source: Vimbuzz.com
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