Davido’s Fan Loses His Cool, Breaks His Laptop After Singer Lost 3 Grammy Nominations

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A viral video shows a die-hard Davido fan slamming his laptop on the ground in wrath after the rapper was denied all three Grammy Award nominations.

Many Nigerians are upset with the results of the 66th Grammy Awards, expressing disappointment that their favorite performers were not honored.

In a widely shared video, a Davido fan from Nigeria is shown jumping into a frenzy and smashing his laptop.

Davido's breaks his laptop after singer lost 3 Grammy nominations

He took issue with the Grammy organizers denying Davido nominations for all three categories.

He smacked his laptop on the ground, shattering its components in his rage.

Reactions to Davido’s fan breaking his laptop at Grammy loss.

mrhorlic asked: “Why u go break laptop when you have a beautiful television to scatter to pieces”

emriz.eth remarked: “Normally 30BG get mental issue for thinking Davido will win in the first place…. Abeg FC ASSEMBLE”

derickrose28 commented: “E shock us say Davido no win but we still Fvck with him! 30bg gang,am I communicating?????

sabitalk1’s wrote: “Davido fans are always angry people no be new things 😂😂😂😂”


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