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Denise Williams Release Date

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American murder victim Jerry Michael “Mike” Williams lived from October 16, 1969 to December 16, 2000. When Williams went hunting in 2000, it was initially thought he drowned in Lake Seminole, a sizable reservoir that straddles the Georgia-Florida state boundary. However, Williams’ mother always suspected foul play, probably at a different place.He was a victim of homicide, according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) officials, and his body was discovered in October 2017 close to Tallahassee.

Denise Williams Release Date

Denise received a life sentence in prison in February 2019. She didn’t say anything or make any arguments in her favor. Cheryl Williams was the only person to address the court outside of the attorneys. She declared that justice had finally been done and that Denise had stolen not just her grandchild but also her son.

Denise Williams appealed her verdict and life sentence in January 2020. Before the Florida First District Court of Appeal, her lawyers contended that there was insufficient proof linking her to the crime. The murder conviction was reversed in November 2020, but the conspiracy to commit murder conviction—along with the 30-year sentence that went with it—was upheld.


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